CBD Marketing Guide: How To Stand Out In A Fast Growing Industry

It’s always amazing to me how quickly pure cure oil distributors appear once they become legalized. This begs the question of how to make your business stand out ahead of others? 


While this can be beneficial in the short term, buying your site through Google and other search engines has value when a new consumer starts searching for CBD, but the last thing you want is to stay tied to that artificial ranking forever. You want to eventually take your place on this list through natural customer activity. This rating will not disappear so quickly.


Yes, organic marketing is a thing! Organic practices include building your CBD brand as a source of knowledge and trust … in other words, honesty. This reputation building makes a lasting impression on your current and future customers. Think of it this way; instead of saying, “I sell CBD, so buy from me,” you should instead disseminate why buying CBD from your company is the best choice. However, you cannot just blurt it out a thousand times. Organic marketing is a more subconscious approach. Let’s find out how to do it!


Start by blogging on your site to entertain and educate your audience about current and future customers. In these blogs, you showcase your expertise and expand your audience’s knowledge of CBD and a little bit about your product. Some blog topics might include:

  • Legal advances CBD in general area and expanding market 
  • Latest CBD Research and Implications for Users
  • Specific use of CBD (with indication of unconfirmed and officially recognized)
  • Butter vs. Tincture vs. Cream
  • Your customer’s voice in the form of testimonials

This list is just the beginning, I’m sure you can think of a few more. Your goal is to drive visitors to your website and encourage those visitors to take the time to read and get inspired to try your product. Besides the obvious benefits, there are other benefits to this behavior. First, once you’ve made your blog valuable to your audience, readers are eagerly awaiting your next words of wisdom and sharing them with their friends. As they read your blog, your readers may want to explore your website a little more, find your products, and check prices. At this point, you have an interested audience. You now have the ability to tell them where they want to make a purchase.  


Social media is now a way of life for most of your clients. Users of all ages have found their way on social media, so you want to make sure your CBD marketing is widely represented across all relevant platforms and groups, wherever your customers congregate online.

You can purchase social media ads or create yourself a business page subscription and post messages yourself. Once you share something interesting on your social media page, others will start sharing your business messages too. Again, think about ways to engage and engage your audience. 

Another goal of social media is to drive your audience to your website. For example, you can do this by announcing your latest blog post with a small teaser in the post and a link to that blog post. Other potential leads are promotions and product announcements for your line. You don’t want to give them too much because you want them to land on your site, so just give them a try. You can give them a short description along with a link to this product on your website to see more. Any post or ad designed to generate excitement and action leads to a successful social media post. Just think about which messages you are responding to as your leadership.

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